ISIPTA network analysis

R package ISIPTA

In the last decade, research activities in imprecise probability (IP), carried out by isolated groups scattered throughout the world, have been successively embedded into a number of formal structures: the biennial ISIPTA symposium starting in 1999, the SIPTA society founded in 2002, and the SIPTA summer schools since 2004. To reflect this period of adolescence in a data analytic way, a natural approach is to apply social network analysis. The R package ISIPTA provides infrastructure (data, demos, etc.) for a comprehensive analysis of the ISIPTA community.


Co-authorship network (1999-2011)

Execute demo("coauthors-network", package = "ISIPTA") for the current co-authorship network. Find an author:

R> find_author("Gero")
         name nodeid
1 Gero Walter     91
Summarize the author's ISIPTA contributions:
R> summarize_author("Gero Walter", show.papers = TRUE)
ISIPTA summary for Gero Walter (91)

Number of ...:
  Papers                  2
  Coauthors               4
  Unique coauthors        3
  Conferences             2

 1999  2001  2003  2005  2007  2009  2011

Linear Regression Analysis under Sets of Conjugate
Priors. Gero Walter (91), Thomas Augustin (260),
Annette Peters (19). 2007.

On Prior-Data Conflict in Predictive Bernoulli
Inferences. Gero Walter (91), Thomas Augustin (260),
Frank Coolen (80). 2011.

ISIPTA '11 poster by Eugster, Walter and Augustin

The poster (abstract) is reproducible (now with data from ISIPTA '11) by the package demos:

R> demo(package = "ISIPTA")  ## list all demos
R> demo("simple-summary")    ## execute a demo


The stable version of ISIPTA is available on CRAN; issue the following from within R to install it:

R> install.packages("ISIPTA")

The development version is available on GitHub.